24 Hour Call Out Service

We know that with any system issues can arise, these issues always seem to happen at awkward times, and not usually between 9-5.There is nothing worse than when you need assistance most, whatever the time, you are meet with an automated answering services requesting you to leave your details.

At IFS we ensure that whatever equipment we are maintaining for you, that we provide a 24hr emergency number 01 2003938, this number connects you to live assistance what ever the time.

We provide full technical assistance over the phone when you need it most.


IFS will not attend site unless specifically requested by our clients, and in the advent that an engineer is required to attend site, IFS usually will attend site within 2hrs were possible.

fleetmaticsAll our vans are fitted with the Fleetmatics tracking systems and confirmation of arrival times, and times on site, can be confirmed if requested by our clients.