Hose Reel Servicing & Pressure Testing

IFS are one of only a handful of companies which provide servicing and testing of fixed fire fighting systems in the form of manual and automatic hose reels that meet the requirements of the IS EN 671-3:2009.

These are the standards for the testing and servicing of Hose reels and outline the required tests and checks which need to be carried out in order to confirm the ability of the hose reel to perform as designed. Part of this testing includes the requirement to provide a minimum water pressure and flow rate and record these values.


All our engineers have carried out specific training with regards to this servicing and are fully certificated and competent to do so. At IFS we have also invested in the required test equipment which allows our engineers to carry out pressure and flow measurements and which document both the static and dynamic water pressure readings which are a requirement of the IS EN 671.We also carry test equipment which allows us pressurize each hose to its maximum working pressure in accordance to IS EN 671-1 and IS EN 671-2, which is required every 5 years. IFS also provide individual certification per hose reel. IFS are fully compliant in its requirements under these standards when carry out testing of hose reels.

We offer peace of mind to our clients knowing that when we service, test and certify your equipment, it will work when you need it most.